My dear friends,

Two years ago, I started the process of establishing what I believe to be an essential and mysteriously missing piece of the Canadian music industry infrastructure.

The Toronto Music Industry Association was born to unite the professional music industry community within Canada’s largest market, as well as to provide education, resources, and support to local music industry professionals (including musicians).

Throughout the process, I met with dozens upon dozens of label reps, managers, musicians, publishers, venue owners, engineers, and more. Their reactions were overwhelmingly supportive of the establishment of such an organization, and many threw their official support behind it.

But there was one question that kept on popping up: Why just Toronto?

For years, similar organizations have existed across Canada on a provincial level, such as Manitoba Music and Music BC. But there has always been a missing piece: Ontario. 

It was always my intention to expand the TMIA into other markets.  The decision to begin with Toronto was a matter of resources (we had no funding) and convenience (I live here).

Several months ago, I became aware of an initiative spearheaded by the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) to establish an Ontario-wide provincial association. 

After several meetings, it became clear that our visions were very closely aligned, and it made no sense for both of us, independently, to establish competing associations with identical missions within the same geographical location.

So today, I have some good news: The Toronto Music Industry Association is no more. Instead, I’m ecstatic to announce that I’ve been appointed as Executive Director of MusicOntario, a newly established division of CIMA.

I’m absolutely thrilled that the concept behind the TMIA is now being expanded province-wide, and I’m eager to start working with CIMA to build a provincial association that serves musicians as well as emerging industry professionals.

As we work towards our official launch, please join us at, as well as following along on twitter and Facebook , to keep up with our developments.

A dedicated music industry association for the province of Ontario is long, long overdue.  And now – finally – it’s coming.

I’m honored to be a part of it.

Scott Honsberger
Executive Director, MusicOntario
A division of CIMA